Screen Print Workshop

BSA offers a Screen Printing Workshop program called 'The Tee Club'
The Tee Club will guide you through the entire screen printing process from start to finish

                    The tee club workshop will include the following:

                      Explanation of how to adapt your design or image to a stencil

                      Show you how to set up and expose a screen

                      Explanation of how the process and colours work

                      Demonstration of how to register your screens

                      Guidance through the printing process

                      10 custom made single colour items (choice of tees, tea towels
                      or tote bags), designed and produced by you


                      By the end of the workshop, you should have gained all the skills
                      you'll need to screen print by yourself!


                      Please fill out the TTC Registration form (editable PDF) below 
                      and return to info@blacksquarearts.com
                      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions


                           If you already have the skills to screen print independently, please
                           check out our Studio Booking page instead!
                           Our Studio Bookings include inks and use of equipment and screens

TTC Registration